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You can retrieve images by browsing or by searching. Click on Search GeoDIL to find images using phrases, keywords, location, etc. Use the browse routine below to browse GeoDIL by category. For example, you can look at all the mineral photos by selecting "Minerals." Some images have been included in more than one category. Some categories have subcategories and you can choose them to narrow your browsing. If a category has zero or only a few images, we are looking for contributions from library users - perhaps you can help? Click on submit images if you can donate pictures to GeoDIL.


Field Studies (activities) (42) Earth resources (588)
Cultural features (geology and humans) (36) Minerals (1764)
Rocks and rock-forming processes (1154) Surficial geology, landforms, caves and other large features (404)
Structural geology and tectonics (288) Stratigraphy (formations) (288)
Geologic time (chronostratigraphy) (528) Paleontology (fossils, etc) (76)
Paleontology (Recent life, behavior, and ecology) (0) Planetary Geology (10)

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