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Oil shale (Kerogen-containing shale), Garfield County, Colorado
This blackish-brown stratified shale from Garfield County, Colorado, emits a strong bituminous odor when struck with a hammer. At one time, oil shales from Garfield County were considered as a source of energy, but the costs (in dollars and to the environment) of mining them are prohibitive. This sample is 9.5 cm across.

Ward's Collection of Classic North American Rocks, #54

Copyright © Dexter Perkins 2001

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General Information
GeoDIL Number: GeoDIL-243
Long Title: Oil shale (Kerogen-containing shale), Garfield County, Colorado
Short Title: Oil shale (Kerogen-containing shale)
Keywords: oil shale, kerogen shale, shale, Colorado
Collection: Ward's Collection of Classic North American Rocks, #54
Photographer: Mike Davis
Photograph Date: 3/22/01 2:31:50 PM
Contributor: Mike Davis
Contribution Date: 3/22/2001 2:35:15 PM
Copyright Information: Dexter Perkins 2001
Original Image Format (Camera, Film, etc.): Photographed with a Fujifilm FinePix S1 Pro digital camera; 60mm AF Nikon micro lens; 3040x2016 pixels
Image Scale: Hand Specimen
Location Information
Country: USA
Province / State: Colorado
County: Garfield
Nearest Large City or Town: Grand Junction
How precise is this location?: Within 1/2 km
Geologic Information
Lithostratigraphy: Green River Formation
Chronostratigraphy: Tertiary (Eocene)
Category Information
This image is in the following categories:
Rocks and rock-forming processes Sedimentary rocks and processes
Fine-medium grained clastic rocks
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