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Angular unconformity between Proterozoic and Cambrian rocks, Grand Canyon, Arizona
An angular unconformity separates reddish shales and sandstones of the Proterozoic Unkar Group (dipping toward the right) from overlying sandstones and shales of the Cambrian Tonto Group (dipping toward the left). Paleotopographic relief on the unconformity is clearly visible at the lower left and center, where the Tapeats Sandstone onlaps the underlying reddish Hakatai Shale. Also visible are the Bright Angel Shale and Muav Limestone (overlying the Tapeats Sandstone) and the Shinumo Quartzite (forming a rugged spine at right center, where it conformably overlies the Hakatai Shale).

Copyright © Mark Brandriss, 2004

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General Information
GeoDIL Number: GeoDIL-3091
Long Title: Angular unconformity between Proterozoic and Cambrian rocks, Grand Canyon, Arizona
Short Title: Angular unconformity in the Grand Canyon
Keywords: Unconformity, angular unconformity, Grand Canyon
Photographer: Mark Brandriss
Photograph Date: 1989
Contributor: Mark Brandriss
Contribution Date: 3/23/2004 4:50:50 PM
Copyright Information: Mark Brandriss, 2004
Image Scale: Vista (Large Terrane View)
Location Information
Country: USA
Province / State: Arizona
County: Coconino
Nearest Large City or Town: Grand Canyon Village
Latitude: 36 deg 01' N
Longitude: 111 deg 56' W
How precise is this location?: Within 1/2 km
Other Location Information: View toward the west from the New Hance Trail.
Geologic Information
Geologic Province: Colorado Plateau
Lithostratigraphy: Unkar Group (Hakatai Shale and Shinumo Quartzite), Tonto Group (Tapeats Sandstone, Bright Angel Shale, Muav Limestone)
Chronostratigraphy: Proterozoic to Early Cambrian
Category Information
This image is in the following categories:
Geologic time (chronostratigraphy) Structural geology and tectonics
Stratigraphy (formations) Proterozoic
Cambrian Unconformities
North America
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