A Geoscience Digital Image Library


GeoDIL is a collection of images related to the Earth sciences. This digital image library is intended for use by K-16 educators, researchers, and the general public. The image library will grow as more images are added by people at the University of North Dakota and others who wish to see their high-quality slides and photos made available to the public. The entire library may be searched in a variety of ways, and images may be downloaded for viewing remote from the Web. Most of the images in this collection are copyrighted; please click on fair use to find out about restrictions on use.

To view the GeoDIL library, either Search GeoDIL or Browse GeoDIL.

This library was created and is maintained at the University of North Dakota. For more information, click on About GeoDIL.

Your feedback is appreciated. If you have any comments, click on Contact Library Administrators. If you have images that we can included in GeoDIL, click on Submit Images; note that any photograph that may be useful in any area of Earth science education is appropriate for our library.

A note about internet browsers:

GeoDIL has been developed and tested using Internet Explorer 5. It can also be accessed with Netscape but we have noticed that a few features do not work as well in Netscape as they do in IE. Sometimes we can fix the problems, but some differences between the two browsers seem to be irreconcilable. However, for most purposes, it does not make much difference which browser you use. For best viewing, and to avoid excessive scrolling, use a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.
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